AWS Cost Optimization and FinOps Consulting

Are you spending too much on AWS? Let us help you with AWS cost optimization.

You’re probably spending too much money on AWS without knowing it, and even if you are aware, what do you do about it? At Oliver Gehrmann Consulting, we help companies and individuals optimize their AWS cost, so it doesn’t have to be outrageous anymore.

We have extensive years of experience in managing large-scale cloud projects and we are fully aware that AWS costs can quickly get outrageous which makes AWS cost optimization a MUST. The global research and advisory firm, Gartner foresees that by the start of the next decade, companies without a reliable mode of optimum cost management processes will exceed their budget for their cloud operations by an average of 70%.

Why Choose Us

We are a team of interface experts with engineering backgrounds and also possess excellent management skills. You should utilize our team’s skills and professionalism, together with our extensive years of experience and expertise, to optimize your AWS cost while you continue to be productive.

We have the best interest of your company at heart, and it is as important to us as it is to you that you earn more and spend less. Imagine not spending that much money on just AWS, a way you could cut cost and make more net profit. Being experts of cloud cost optimization, we can make your cloud operation sustainable and more feasible.

What is FinOps?

FinOps brings technology, business & finance together for optimization of speed, cost, and quality within the cloud.

In a cloud environment, different platforms and so many moving parts can make cost-optimization of cloud resources a challenge. This challenge has given rise to a new discipline: financial operations or FinOps. Here’s how the FinOps Foundation, a non-profit trade association for FinOps professionals, describes the discipline:

FinOps is the operating model for the cloud. FinOps enables a shift — a combination of systems, best practices and culture — to increase an organization’s ability to understand cloud costs and make tradeoffs. In the same way that DevOps revolutionized development by breaking down silos and increasing agility, FinOps increases the business value of cloud by bringing together technology, business and finance professionals with a new set of processes.

Was ist FinOps

Procedure of FinOps

FinOps primarily consists of three repeating phases – analysis, optimization, operation. With agile and rapid development within the cloud, the operations must be subjected to these steps routinely to ensure sustainable productivity. There is really no one-time magic in a FinOps process.

1. Analysis

During analysis, the existing structures are brought to light, shared responsibilities are created, and the expenditure is presented to the particular teams.


2. Optimization

Teams devise and take measures like sizing, automation, cost assessments of services or intricate calculations to reserve resources, all while prioritizing your goals.

3. Operation

Now the assessment of goals and corporate regulations, defined during the previous phase, come into play to gain further understanding. Technological, financial and managerial goals can be further combined or scaled.

FinOps increases the value of your business by bringing technology, business and finance together for optimization of speed, cost, and quality within the cloud.


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For optimum results, you need experts to handle your AWS cost optimization. Our team of certified AWS cloud solution architects with outstanding knowledge of FinOps will be the perfect assistance you need. Send us an email or give us a call and let us work together to attain the best results.

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